Repairs of any type of plumbing fittings / connections including repairs and re-installation of Water pump and Swimming pool pump / Heater etc..


New installation of any type of light fittings including repairs / replacement of existing light fittings.

Household Alliances

Repairs and maintenance of Microwave, Washing machine, Dryer machine, Water Cooler and Dishwasher etc..


Repairs and replacement of any type of door locks / handles and fabrication of wooden structure including Partitioning etc

Air Conditioning

Repairs, services and replacement of any defective spare parts of Central unit, split-level and Window – type air- conditioners including Desert coolers etc.

Masonry incl. Tile Setting

Repairs and installation of Vinyl, Marble & Ceramics Tiles including new construction of divers masonry works.


Spray finish, Texture and Antique appearance finish etc.

Steel & Alu.

Related Work

Repairs and fabrication of steel structures such as Fences, Security Steel Grills, Auto Operated Gates / Doors, Window Shutters and Railing etc.


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